IHS Energy to purchase Canadian data outlet. (January 1999)

IHS Energy unit PI/Dwights Canada is in the process of finalizing the acquisition of Calgary-based International Petrodata Limited. IPL is thought to possess one of the best-kept well databases in the business

Petroleum Information/Dwights Canada Ltd., (PIDC) has signed a Letter of Intent to purchase International Petrodata Limited (IPL). Closure is anticipated by mid February. The deal will bring the IPL well file together with PIDC’s land data. The move is intriguing in the light of earlier consolidation in the Calgary data vendor arena. Mapping software vendor Accumap previously had an agreement with IPL to supply the IPL dataset in Accumap format. This provided Calgary customers with what was considered by some as a best of breed combination. Last year, Accumap Enerdata Corp. was acquired by QC Data, Calgary’s main local data vendor and competitor to PI/Dwights. A Calgary source told PDM "IPL is recognized in Calgary as having the best quality comprehensive database of Canadian wells thanks to their rigorous process of data capture and verification. Similarly, Accumap has proved a very successful application for the delivery of such data. The new deal brings some complicated issues to customers using Accumap and the IPL dataset and generally, the Calgary data market is shaking down to a battle between QC Data and IHS Energy."

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