BP Amoco Moves to Midland Valley (December 1999)

BP Amoco continues its upstream software shopping spree with palinspastic reconstruction software from Midland Valley.

Midland Valley (MV) has signed a contract with BP Amoco (BPA) to provide structural modeling software for their teams on a global basis. The deal includes MVs 2DMove, 3DMove and 3DStress suite of structural modeling, restoration and validation tools. These are to be deployed throughout BPAs major business units following successful evaluation the UK Gulf of Mexico, Alaska and Trinidad. As part of the deal Midland Valley has added fluid flow analysis and subseismic fracture detection to 3DMove.


MV Director Alan Gibbs says "These new technologies provide leveraged capability for all of our user community and along with other developments sponsored by users are delivering new and better tools for understanding the evolution of petroleum systems and reducing risk on structure at all scales." MV will also be providing training support and consulting services to both the BPA structural specialists and to business unit projects. More from www.mve.com.

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