New coherency package from TEEC (December 1999)

CohTEEC uses coherency processing to automate detection of fractures and reservoir fluid contacts.

German software developers TEEC have rolled out CohTEEC Ė an ensemble of software and workflows which allows for the mapping of lithology, fluid contacts and fractures. Multi-trace filters detect and map faults and fracture zones while subtle changes in seismic attributes are used to detect oil-gas-water contacts. The package uses pattern recognition and feature extraction algorithms to generate seismic attributes and to process very large 3D seismic surveys.


CohTEEC analyzes multiple traces simultaneously to capture the similarity of trace segments in a neighborhood. The size of the segment and the number of traces can be varied depending on the problem to be studied. CohTEEC attributes have been used to identify features that hard to detect or time consuming to interpret. Attributes can be used to map changes in seismic character. In some cases these can be linked to the reservoir heterogeneity.

Image processing

Attributes are derived from 3D image processing algorithms widely used in medical image processing or material science. The algorithms developed by TEEC are said Ďnot to infringe on existing patentsí.ź

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