POSC update (December 1999)

POSC, like the rest of the industry, has had an Ďinterestingí year and is seeking partners for possible convergence.

The industry downturn has impacted POSC and other standards organizations. Activity has been curtailed as members merge, reducing the sponsor base and budget. POSC is looking at convergence as the way forward. Preliminary talks between five standards bodies (see below) are underway to determine whether to merge or cooperate more closely.

hard times

Despite these hard times, more positive notes are reported with POSCís new relationship with Open Geographic Information Systems OGIS and the Internet Society (W3W) while successful ongoing projects include WellogML, the Shared Earth Model (SEM), the PPDM/POSC reference project, and Project Synergy. The latter was greatly aided by a makeover of the Epicentre data model whereby the model's complexity has been reduced. A real-world implementation is now possible especially with Oracle's new object technology in 8.

well log naming

Participants are sought in a new project Ė "practical well log standards", described as yet another attempt to develop a well log naming convention to replace the plethora of names now in use. Previous attempts to do this have failed because of lack of maintenance. The new approach is to create a POSC registry for names of log curves in years to come. The nomenclature is to include logging curve names, attributes and reference values. Participation is being sought and it is hoped that 20 companies will put in $10,000 apiece of funding beyond the initial project.ź

Convergence Partners and budgets


2.5 MM$

Open Spirit

2.0 MM$ (est.)


2.0 MM$


400 k$

BizTech for Energy

400 k$

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