Rapprochement between UK DTI and Common Data Access (December 1999)

The UK Department of Trade and Industry will now allow CDA stakeholders to fulfill reporting requirement by registering data with CDA. The quid pro quo is that the DTI now has full access to the CDA data store.

An agreement between the UK government and operators should simplify reporting requirements and enhance data access for all parties. The íDeed,í signed by CDA Limited and the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, will enable CDA stakeholders who hold petroleum licenses on the UKCS to satisfy their license obligations by supplying data directly to CDA rather than through the DTI. In return, the DTI has been given direct on-line access to all participantsí license data.


CDAís chairman Phil Challis described the Deed as a Ďwin-winí arrangement "The DTI now has direct and immediate access to an increasing volume of UKCS license data. Participating companies continue to share these benefits and have the additional bonus of knowing that the DTI will in future obtain such data from CDA and not from them directly".


Minister of Energy and Competitiveness in Europe, Helen Liddell said: "Our relationship with CDA is an important component of the Departmentís overall strategy for the efficient handling of UKCS license data. The arrangement with CDA will enable us to give further support to these important OGITF initiatives."ź

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