Freeware software from Schlumberger (December 1999)

In a new move, Schlumberger has released its LIS and DLIS log data management suite as Freeware.

Cottage-software houses all over the world may regret Schlumbergerís latest move. The new freeware Log Data Toolbox is a  suite of software applications for manipulating digital log data.


The freeware utilities run on Windows NT4.0, Win95, Win98 and Win2000. Toolbox users can inspect, filter and convert digital log data files before they are integrated into an interpretation software or data management system.

six applications

The Log Data Toolbox contains the six applications as follows DLIS to ASCII, LAS Certify, DLIS Info View, DIS to LIS, LIS to DLIS and ASCII Info View. The software is currently available (for Schlumberger customers) from the Schlumberger Connect website customers can download the software fromź


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