Internet resource update (December 1999)

The fourth edition of the Oil and Gas on the Internet directory is out - now in both Upstream and Downstream versions.

The latest edition of the "Oil and Gas on the Internet" directory, which is updated every 90 days, offers information on 3,804 web sites. The directory provides a a brief abstract and Internet address for each site.


The Downstream version has 1,766 total sites for refining, marketing and transportation. The Upstream version has 2,400 total sites for exploration and production. Both have integrated oil and gas companies, pipeline service companies, engineering and construction companies, pricing sites, etc.


Both directories are available as site licenses in either database format or HTML format for use on your company LANs or Intranets.
A paper-based directory is also available. One enthusiastic user is Tim Woodall of British Gas who vouches "this is the premier collection of energy resources on the Web." More from

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