GeoQuest rewarded (December 1999)

The Software Support Professionals Association has given GeoQuest a Software Technical Assistance Recognition (STAR) award in recognition for customer support throughout 1999

The STAR award, established in 1990 ‘recognizes customer service excellence among software support professionals’. Bill Rose, SSPA founder and executive director said "GeoQuest develops and supports a very complex package to petroleum companies and has achieved a short average response rate, a very high call answer rate and a 97% customer satisfaction rating.

complex support

The award was given by the SSPA Advisory Board in the ‘complex support’ category for ‘a consistently high level of support for mission-critical applications used in scientific, engineering, health care or other highly technical environments.’


"This award is a recognition of the outstanding work that our support staff provides to our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, " said Jim Strickland, manager of GeoQuest Customer Support in North America. "High quality support is a cornerstone of management philosophy at GeoQuest. Founded in 1989, SSPA represents over 6,000 service executives in over 500 member companies worldwide. More from 

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