Oil prospects pushed to web (December 1999)

From a PowerPoint of your prospect Awakening Technology will create a full multimedia presentation with web hosting. Technology showcased with demo of the 'Orphan Prospect'

Awakening Technology Company has launched an online service for the preparing and hosting of multimedia presentations . Flash/Shockwave technology is used to create dynamic presentations for promoting oil and gas prospects, products and services, online tutorials, or corporate announcements. The company offers a complete web hosting solution, including multi-band streaming audio/video and a choice of publication media from direct online, download with FTP, or CDROM.

Orphan Prospect

The website hosts a demonstration of the technology using the fictitious ‘Orphan prospect’, a 5 minute multimedia presentation of an oil and gas prospects. We downloaded the plu-ins and tried the demo which unfortunately refused to stream. But we viewed the file off-line and agree that the technology has the potential to interest the oil and gas promoter.


Awakening will convert existing PowerPoint presentations to dynamic online broadcasts which can be integrated through a link to the PresentationXpress site. More from www.presentationxpress.com. 

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