Enterprise awards Granite Rock data management (December 1999)

Following consolidation of its UK asset team in Aberdeen, Enterprise Oil has awarded Granite Rock an exclusive contract for seismic data management.

Enterprise Oil has awarded Aberdeen-based Granite Rock an exclusive 2-3 year seismic data management. Granite Rocks Technical Director John Ashbridge said "Correct analysis and formatting of seismic data is the starting point for all seismic evaluation.

SEGY to Screen

Granite Rock, as a specialist geophysical company, has unique experience to provide this service". Established in 1996, Granite Rock seven full time staff and provides a "SEGY to Screen" service. Ashbridge told PDM "We will utilize in-house systems and expertise to analyze and reformat the data. When required, we will send personnel and tapes to the client to load data directly onto its system. Key in our software solutions is the Panther Seismic Data Loader (SDL) and we have a broad range of Geoscience software in-house."

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