UKCS geodetics - a correction (December 1999)

A couple of errors slipped into our piece on the new UK geodetic system. Richard Wylde put of the SIMA Consultancy puts us right.

Richard Wylde wishes us to point out that his role on the UKOOA Surveying and Positioning committee is as a representative of the Surveying profession through the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). The chairman of the committee is Peter Dyson of TotalFina. We also fubritized Richardís email which is in reality


As we are on the topic, it is worth mentioning that Richard has just finished preparing, the Guidance Notes on the use of Co-ordinate Systems in Data Management on the UKCS. These are available as a free downloadable .PDF file on the publications pages of the UKOOA web site also on the DTI web site ź

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