Geolog to plug and play with BP Amoco (December 1999)

BP Amoco has selected Paradigm’s Geolog software to manage and analyze its corporate petrophysical data.

Following the adoption of an ‘all Landmark’ solution to BP Amoco’s (BPA) upstream IT (PDM Vol. 4 N° 7), plan B of the IT strategy is being put into place. This involves the use of plug-in software to the OpenWorks environment in specific areas where BP Amoco believes other companies are ‘best in breed.’ This month sees the deployment of two such products – from Midland Valley (see page 5 of this issue) and Paradigm Geophysical. The Paradigm software involved in a $1.4 million corporate deal is the Geolog petrophysical data management and interpretation software.


Mark Walker, Managing Director of Paradigm’s EAME Operations in London, commented: "Geolog’s open environment has enabled BP Amoco to incorporate its own proprietary algorithms into Geolog. At the same time we are working with BPAmoco’s rock properties toolkit and fluid substitution work-flows to help integrate petrophysics and geophysics."

Easy to learn

Walker told PDM "Ease-of-use, and ease of learning were important factors to BPA and we believe that Geolog is technically the best and most flexible tool for geological and petrophysical analysis (including new nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) functionality), across both UNIX and NT operating systems. The ability to access Landmark's datastores was a key point in the deal as was Paradigm's collaborative approach in developing and opening the technology to the client. The Geolog suite, originally developed by Mincom, offers well data management, modeling, and petrophysical analysis. More from 

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