SEG-Y Viewer (November 1999)

Phoenix are offering a free download of the SeisVU SEG-Y viewer for Windows.

SeisVU is a Windows 95/NT utility from Phoenix Data Solutions that lets you view and analyze SEG-Y on disk. Color and black and white viewing is supported and header information can be displayed. A readout of current trace, SP, CMP, time and sample value, at the cursor position is displayed while viewing. Shot to trace relationships, and the range of sample values viewed can be determined by simply moving the cursor across the section.

Power Point

Other functions include amplitude histograms for individual traces, zones of interest, or for the whole section. These are useful in evaluating clipping values for workstation loading. SeisVU uses standard Windows facilities for screen capture and file saving. A zone of interest can be pasted directly into a PowerPoint presentation. Download SeisVU free from

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