FloGeo joins Eclipse (November 1999)

New Eclipse module FloGeo offers versatile multi-phase upscaling, a new scripting language and improved FloViz graphics.

ECLIPSE 99B is upgraded with new features, including the first commercial release of ‘FloGeo’ for multiphase, multilevel upscaling. Part of the FloGrid three-dimensional upgridding and upscaling application, FloGeo accommodates multiphase hierarchical upscaling from core plug to reservoir simulation scale.

scripting language

Upscaling techniques are extensible through a calculator script language and are tightly integrated to the SCAL special core analysis application which has been enhanced with more curve-fitting normalization and averaging functions. Other FloGrid upgrades include region-based upscaling and comparison of simulation results with the geological model.


The FloViz post-processor now generates JPEG, TIFF and PBM files for hard copy output and can now display differences in property values calculated during successive simulation runs. Eclipse pre and post processing is launched from the Eclipse Office desktop.

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