Geodetic Datum alert for UK continental shelf (November 1999)

A new geodetic datum has been announced for the UK offshore west of 6° west. Existing practices east of this have been formalized and clarified.

Most geophysicists have experienced long and incomprehensible lectures from the survey department on the subject of geodetic datums at one time or another. Recent developments in the UKCS make the traditional geophysical response to such questions (denial!) inappropriate.

you’d better Notice!

A Notice, gazetted by the DTI in December is to define rigorously (for the first time) correct usage of geodetic information. The notice sets out the UKOOA/DTI interpretation of existing license boundaries and those applicable for new awards.

new rules

The new rules can also be used to unambiguously merge positional data throughout the UK and its continental shelf. From January 2000, ED50 will be used east of 6° west, ETRS89 west of this limit. The UK National Grid (OSGB36) is maintained for onshore acreage. More information on the changes can be obtained from Richard Wylde of the SIMA Consultancy and head of the UKOOA Surveying and Positioning Committee –

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