Seismos for sale (November 1999)

Geco-Prakla is to market its processing software Seismos. Now integrated with GeoFrame, the productized Seismos targets end-users working on interpretive processing projects.

Schlumberger’s Geco-Prakla unit is to market the Seismos seismic processing system to third parties. A huge ‘400 man-year’ software development project has led to the integration of Geco-Prakla’s Seismos seismic processing software within Schlumberger-GeoQuest’s GeoFrame interpretation framework.


Marketing targets for the Seismos are users of GeoQuest seismic interpretation software. The commercialization of what was previously a Schlumberger-exclusive product reflects the blurring of the line dividing seismic processing and interpretation.


Geco-Prakla’s Marketing Manager Dominique Pajot told PDM "AVO analysis, migration and other interpretative pre-stack processes call for a new paradigm in processing and interpretation. We will be offering oil company clients of our processing services and users of our interpretation software with a seamless and ergonomic environment for their interpretative seismic processing projects."

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