BizTech for Energy (November 1999)

The COM for Energy initiative has been re-baptized Biztech for Energy

As forecast in PDM (Vol 4 N 8) the COM for Energy initiative (C4E) has changed its name to reflect the de-emphasis of COM as an interoperability mechanism, and the concomitant rise of XML. Steering a careful path between the many toes waiting to be trodden on, C4E rejected 'Objects for Energy' (too close to Open Spirit?) and the more obvious 'Biztalk for Energy' (too Microsoft-ish and already bagged by PIDEX).


The final choice was for 'BizTech for Energy' (B4E). The goal of B4E is restated to include the use of 'XML, COM, or other appropriate technologies.' B4E members are Microsoft, Oracle, Landmark, Schlumberger-GeoQuest, SAP and PriceWaterhouse Coopers.

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