New focus for epiSEM (November 1999)

POSC’s shared earth model has matured into an information-focused project. The aim is to record who did what and when for all components of an interpretation.

The POSC Shared Earth Model (SEM) Project (see PDM Vol. 3 N° 3) was hitherto rather hard to define. The SEM has been described as many things from a geometry engine to knowledge management. A recent decision by SEM sponsors has focused the effort on the knowledge end of the model spectrum and the new objective of the project is to develop specifications for what is now epiSEM Information Services.


Information Services are designed to ‘tag’ elements of an interpretation with information such as who created them and when, confidence levels, software used and other critical information that is difficult to capture and store with existing techniques. epiSEM Information services will allow the dependencies between components of different models to be registered, maintained and queried in an open, shared catalog.

Phase II

Interpreters will be able to locate pre-existing work and supporting data, review assumptions and prevent the inadvertent destruction of critical model components. Phase one of the SEM project is now complete. Companies interested in taking part in Phase II, epiSEM Information Services should contact POSC on

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