CoRe-Explorer (November 1999)

Continuum Resources (CoRe) and Muse Technologies are working on enterprise-wide data integration for large scale immersive environments.

Increasingly, oil and gas companies are turning to integration through GIS systems. The pre-release announcement of Continuum Resources CoReExplorer takes this concept a step further. Why not integrate in a 3D Virtual Reality (VR) environment? To achieve such integration, first you have to be able to access data in a multiplicity of formats. CoReExplorer does this by using a platform, data and device independent architecture. Developers ‘will be able to create versions of their software that plug in to the CoReExplorer framework’. Once plugged in, data used in the application can be integrated into a CoReExplorer work session.


CoReExplorer was built with the Muse development system (see PDM Vol. 3 N° 10) for data visualization and VR. According to Jeff Hume, Contiuum President and CEO, "Visualization gridlock is a serious problem for companies that have yet to fully exploit their existing technology investments. We believe that CoReExplorer is the first software solution that promises to universalize corporate data and heralds a new era of integration and hyper-productivity". More hype from

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