First real-time prestack application (November 1999)

Genetek claims its Alpha-based Earthworks interpretation suite is ahead of the pack in workstation AVO processing.

Version 7 of Genetek’s EarthWorks Exploration System now incorporates prestack data and enables offset processing including AVO at the workstation. EarthWorks is a software and hardware solution and runs on the 64-bit Compaq (ex-DEC) Alpha at clock speeds of over 600 MHz. Tight integration is a feature of EarthWorks.


President Mark Sun claims "We still are the only system that has live-linked mapping, gridding and contouring, real-time spectral analysis and enhancement, real-time modeling and synthetics, stratigraphic interpretation facilities, 3-D visualization of 2+3D seismic data and integrated time-depth conversion." More from

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