Discovery shared earth rollout. (November 1999)

New seismic interpretation software integrates the new ‘Discovery’ shared earth environment from Landmark subsidiary GeoGraphix.

SeisVision 5, from Landmark subsidiary GeoGraphix, includes new 3D visualization, attribute extraction and improved integration with geological and petrophysical applications. SeisVision 5, now integrated with the Discovery environment which was released last summer. All products within the GeoGraphix geoscience interpretation solutions family (SeisVision, GESXplorer, and PRIZM) have been incorporated into the new GeoGraphix Discovery ‘workflow environment’.


The new environment provides ‘instant’ access to complete well information at any point in the interpretation process. All interpretation tools can be accessed from anywhere in the environment and a ‘seamless flow’ of data and interpretations is assured without the need for ASCII file transfers or format conversions.

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