Volume interpretation newcomers (November 1999)

New software from Prime Geosciences, IKODA and Shared Earth Technologies offer sophistication and ergonomics to the volume interpreter.

Developed by Houston startup Prime Geosciences Corp., PrimeView performs direct hydrocarbon detection and reservoir characterization in a seismic data volume. A batch process extracts seismic attributes prior to interactive interpretation. Animated rendering of color-coded attributes in a 3-D cube reveals geological structure. Prime’s Aftab Alam told PDM, "This development is a part of a plan to provide performant, PC-based, collaborative solutions to the hydrocarbon exploration and production industry. The core of the system is a 3-D viewer where multiple attributes (seismic, geological and petrophysical) can be interactively combined by experts at distributed locations to explore the 3-D structure and properties of potential hydrocarbon reservoirs." PrimeView is marketed by The Magnolia Group. More from mgeorge@magnogroup.com

IKODA – VolumeFinder

VolumeFinder from IKODA is a ‘smart helper application’ that automates the process of locating and ranking potential reservoir bodies in a 3D seismic volume. Currently integrated with SeisWorks and VoxelGeo, VolumeFinder performs inclusive or exclusive thresholding, detects objects from their connectivity and sorts them by size. Planned future developments include reserve calculations, uncertainty handling, fuzzy logic and AVO. Another product, FaultFinder is also in the offing. Get your trial copy of VolumeFinder from martyn@ikoda.co.uk

Shared Earth Technologies

Perhaps the only software booth at the show without a computer (but what a name!), Shared Earth Technologies (SET) are currently in the arm-waving stage of marketing. Building on the OpenSpirit framework, SET’s ‘One Shared Vision’ will be available ‘mid 2000.’ More from the website www.sharedearth.com

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