Haysí new data management solution (November 1999)

Integrated Data Management Architecture combines components of RSO, ex-Oil Data software and IBM robotics.

Integrated Data Management Architecture (IDMA) incorporates technology from ex-Oil Data and Haysí own RSO into a GIS-connectable seismic data management solution. The front-end can be Finder, OpenExplorer or ESRIís generic ArcView. From any of these platforms, IDMA can be configured to provide access to hard copy and digital data throughout the corporation.


The GIS front end allows for polygon selection and query of data residing on the system. A variety of alphanumeric screens allow for selection by domain-specific parameters such as inline, crossline and shotpoint number. Data storage can be on high-end IBM robotics on site, or outsourced using Hays off-line but 'read-ready' service.

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