From Eureka! to Knowledge Hub (October 1999)

GeoQuest’s in-house Eureka project mobilized 2000 Schlumberger researchers. The experience gained is to be productized as the
Knowledge Hub.

GeoQuest President Thierry Pilenko says that "knowledge workers should wear internet hats these days". GeoQuest plans to help out by providing a new line of knowledge management technologies and services to its customers. These products are based on Schlumberger's own experience with the intranet and knowledge sharing, and represent a "natural extension of Schlumberger GeoQuest's data management line".


Schlumberger Oilfield Services’ in-house "Eureka" Project is supported by some 1500 field technologists and 2000 research staff. Eureka offers secure collaboration "focusing on people, not technology".

Knowledge Hub

Individual expertise has been concentrated into the "Knowledge Hub", and now knowledge-seekers can tap into the collective wisdom of the corporation. As an example, a problem that took 110 days to solve is now down to 30. The Knowledge Hub, a "one-stop info-bazaar" is also a place to capture and share best practices and to navigate the communities of practice. Such repositories are as diverse as Email, Bulletin Boards, Documents and Work-flows.

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