MoBPTeCh’s Grand Challenge (October 1999)

The MoBPTeCh consortium issued a Grand Challenge to Schlumberger - how to ensure that the first well drilled in a project is ‘best in class’. The answer - build a simulator with technology from the aerospace industry.

MoBPTeCh is an E&P technology sharing initiative sponsored by Mobil, BP Amoco, Texaco and Chevron. Started in 1996, the organization issues selected research partners "Grand Challenges" to create radically new E&P technologies. The present challenge is to achieve "best-in-class" performance on the first well on a project, and to reach the technical limit by the second. MoBPTeCh has teamed with Schlumberger-GeoQuest to build the prototype of a commercial drilling simulator. The prototype consists of PC-based applications and high-end interpretation and visualization tools and will model the drilling process from well planning through real-time optimization and post-well analysis.


The simulator will also incorporate technology developed by Marconi Aerospace Defense Systems, sponsored by the MoBPTeCh cooperative. Researchers at GeoQuest and Schlumberger Cambridge Research are working with MoBPTeCh drilling engineers and Marconi Aerospace researchers to complete the project by April.


Schlumberger research director Stuart Jardine said "Our experience in creating Drilling Office and our work on the Shared Earth Model, puts us in a unique position to deliver a commercial drilling simulator." MoBPTeCh representative Heidi-Lynne Balasch said "Utilization of computer simulation technology offers the MoBPTeCh companies an effective way to optimize the well construction process, incorporating both the technical and economic aspects of drilling. More from

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