Million logs scanned by QC Data (October 1999)

QC Data has invested $ 3 million in scanning and enhancing 1 million Canadian logs and in developing the AccuMap data delivery system.

QC Data of Calgary has been scanning Canadian logs since 1998. At about the same time, QC acquired the software house AccuMap Enerdata and have since invested some $3,000,000 in the scanning process, and in enhancements to the analytical and visualization software. The result is a digital information bank of one million oil and gas well log records representing more than four decades of Canadian exploration.


As PDM has reported before high bandwidth communications are a way of life in the Calgary service sector. QC Data has upped bandwidth and IT infrastructure to enhance access to the dataset. The combined software and data package is marketed as "AccuLogs", and to date boasts 90+ clients.


QC Data President John Redfern used a suitably Canadian metric to describe the projectís size - "Imagine large boxes of paper well logs stacked as high as a city bus and covering an entire hockey rink. Our challenge was to get all of these records into a modern computer usable format. At the project's peak, we had 120 people working in Calgary, Victoria, Regina and Saskatoon processing a total of 11,000 well logs per day. Many of the well logs were up to 240 feet long".

coffee table

The resulting information makes-up a three-terabyte database, residing on a server no bigger than a coffee table in QC Data's Information Hub in Calgary. Redfern concludes "The Canadian oil industry now has a unique advantage over other countries in having easy access to this type of data, delivered over high-speed connections. In most other areas of the world, such data is simply not available, even in hard-copy format".

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