Phillips transcribes 120,000 legacy tapes (October 1999)

Phillips Petroleum Company UK Ltd.has awarded a contract to M-R DPTS to re-master all of its UK exploration tapedata to IBM 3590 high density media.

DPTS will transcribe Phillips UK data set using its Diplomat media re-mastering system. Diplomat runs on a PC under NT and transcribes any legacy format to SEGY or SEGD. Project Leader Brian Lucken, initiated the project to safeguard Phillips' data for future exploration work. Maintenance costs will be reduced and the use of high density media will also increase the capacity of Phillips' in-house data store.


The transcription anticipates future migration towards the online delivery and storage of seismic data. The project comprises 120,000 9-track tapes, 3480 and 3490E cartridges which will be output to approximately 3,500 output media. More from

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