WINDS blow at HARC (October 1999)

Houston Advanced Research Center and Petris have teamed to improved data use in energy. Focus of the deal is Petrisí WINDS Enterprise distributed data browsing technology.

As part of a new collaborative agreement between the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) and Petris Technology, HARC is to implement Petrisí WINDS Enterprise, a data integration technology. The new agreement means that HARC and Petris will develop and promote new energy technologies. Created in 1982, the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) is a private, not-for-profit, university-linked organization managing research programs in energy and the environment and promoting economic development through technology transfer.


WINDS Enterprise is a web-based application designed to "enhance the visibility of an organizationís data". WINDS enables geoscientists to see their enterpriseís exploration data, regardless of location. Bob Hodgson, HARC vice president for energy said "This agreement allows each party to tap into the other's technology and expertise." Petris VP Jim Pritchett added, "Our initial goal will be to work together on research and technology transfer related to data integration within energy. Much of our work will center on the use of our data integration system WINDS Enterprise."

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