EarthVision 6.0 preview (October 1999)

3D viewer EarthVision now runs on NT and Linux. Baker Hughes INTEQ is an enthusiastic user.

EarthVision 6.0 promises enhanced performance and display capabilities, and data export to the POSC RESCUE model for input to the reservoir simulator. New too are a workflow manager, well display modules, well path enhancements and data import from SeisWorks. Previously a UNIX-only tool, EarthVision now runs on Windows NT and Linux. Baker Hughes INTEQ (BHI) is enthusiastic about EarthVision and uses the software for real-time horizontal well placement. "We have successfully used EarthVision models to track progress of the AutoTrak and Navigator systems in recent drilling projects", said Bob Macdonald, BHI technology VP.


Synchronized demonstrations in the Baker Hughes and Dynamic Graphics booths at the SPE showed how a 3-D model can be adjusted in minutes based on MWD formation measurements from INTEQ's geosteering assemblies. Art Paradis, president of Dynamic Graphics, adds, "Visualizing the formation structurally during geosteering allows the engineer to optimize wellbore placement for maximum recovery. In hazardous geologic environments and older fields, this combined technology also offers engineers improved risk management and collision avoidance that goes beyond conventional technology." EarthVision 6 is due for release early next year - more from

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