Interpret 2000 (October 1999)

Compressed data formats are at the heart of Landmark’s re-packaged interpretation suite.

New compressed data formats (revealed in PDM last June) are the at the heart of Landmark’s "Interpret2000" integrated interpretation suite. Compression offers faster data access and hence, improved productivity. Interpret2000 includes SeisWorks, EarthCube, StratWorks and OpenWorks and is based on the Y2K-tested Release 98Plus data model.


"Interpret2000 was designed with one goal in mind - maximizing asset team productivity, so they can easily access and analyze large volumes of integrated, multidisciplinary data much faster and in greater detail than has ever before been possible," said Landmark President and CEO Bob Peebler. "This release isn’t about just technology, but is directly targeted at dramatically enhancing workflows, so our customers are able to find and produce oil and gas with greater success."


New data formats include tiled horizons, bricked seismic and patented compression technology. John Gibson, Landmark’s COO said "Our scientists have developed an innovative ‘on-the-fly’ seismic data compression method that provides immediate, online access to data volumes in the 100 to 200 gigabyte range."


"Improved integration means interpreters will experience streamlined cross-product workflows. A more intuitive user interface contributes to improved interpreter productivity". Interpret2000 ships in December. More from

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