Calgary PowerHouse to hold NRI’s data (September 1998)

Geoquest has teamed with NRI On-Line, Inc.(NRI) to provide customers in Canada direct single-view access to NRI's archived seismicdata by way of GeoQuest's PowerHouse.

The 5000 sq. ft., state-of the-art, Calgary PowerHouse facility was opened in June 1998. "An oil and gas company's E&P data are some of its most valuable assets. The working arrangement with NRI is an efficient solution for these companies to directly access their data, at their convenience without delay." said Larry Gutman, Vice President of Business Development of Data Management and IT for GeoQuest North America. A newly developed interface and delivery capability will allow PowerHouse users to seamlessly browse and retrieve seismic data archived at NRI. A two-way, high-speed communications link installed between the Calgary PowerHouse facility and NRI's headquarters transmits data directly to the client's desktop. This ‘unique, value-added service provides rapid on-line delivery of seismic data at the customer's convenience’. Data can be retrieved and delivered to the customers in an integrated project. Collaboratively, GeoQuest and NRI will continue to improve and enhance their customers' ability to access, integrate and use seismic, well and production data by linking their respective data management capabilities. NRI provides products and services that include on-line data management systems for customers with data archival services, data storage silos, and a wide variety of choices for distribution of many types of data over high-speed fiber networks.

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