CDA Settles with PI (Erico) (September 1998)

A lingering dispute over ownership of UKdigital data has been settled.

In March 1997 Erico (now part of the IHS Energy Group) lodged a complaint relative to unauthorized access to Erico’s value added data (digitized well logs) through Common Data Access (the UK’s industry sponsored national data repository). This was caused by the ‘incorrect setting of entitlements to the data by QC Data on behalf of CDA’. Following investigation the complaint was upheld, resulting in the stoppage of such unauthorized access, an apology and a compensatory payment from CDA to Erico. Erico are asking parties who might have data provided by Erico through CDA to ‘immediately provide Erico with full details .. so that the Erico can clarify the contractual entitlements .. and corrected forthwith.’

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