SST to customize Philips LMS tape store. (September 1998)

A new oil industry data storage solution is tobe offered by Philips LMS and Specialized Systems Technology.

Specialized is to be a value added retailer and customizer of Philips’ Next Compatible Tape Product (NCTP). John Beasley, VP of Specialized states ‘NCP offers an unparalleled solution to the challenge of oil industry data storage through capacity, speed of transfer and backward compatibility with 3480/90E drives.’ Specifications for the NCPT drives include transfer rates of 10MB/sec, capacity of 18GB per cartridge and a stand-alone list price of $19,750 (less than half of the IBM Magstar’s 3590 list price). A storage cost per megabyte of 0.5 cents is claimed. Drives can be combined in various robotic configurations such as the 7 and 14 drive autoloaders, the BlackJack 21 entry library and other third part offerings including EMASS. This latter integrates the NCPT into EMASS’ Automated Mixed Media library which supports configurations from 188 to over 60,000 cartridges and 255 drives. More from

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