Rock Solid Images forms (September 1998)

PetroSoft Inc., Seismic Research Corp. and TheDiscovery Bay Company are to merge into a single company, Rock Solid Images. Focus will beprovision of software and services in the field of seismic attribute analysis andlithology prediction.

PetroSoft is an outgrowth of the Stanford Rock and Borehole Geophysics (SRB) Project headed by Amos Nur (see PDM Vol 3 N 2). Seismic Research Corp. was founded in 1980 by Dr. Turham Taner recently formed the Seismic Attributes Consortium. Discovery Bay Company has developed the Seismic Analysis System which allows simultaneous computation, analysis and display of pre- and post-stack seismic attributes. The newly formed group will focus on seismic attributes and their relationship with lithology through high-quality integrated processing of seismic and well data, attribute classification and lithology prediction using rock-physics models. More from Joel Walls on 408 553 6940 and

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