AVS new version of AVS/Express V4.0 (September 1998)

Advanced Visual Systems (AVS) has released anew version of Express, now web-enabled, and compatible with the Oracle 8 Spatial DataCartridge and ESRI’s SDE.

AVS sells software for the development and use of customizable data to a variety of industries including our own. The flagship Express product comes in two flavors, Developer Edition and Visualization Edition. The first is used by companies such as GeoQuest, PGS and Western. The Visualization edition is more end-user oriented, and provides scientists, researchers and other technical professionals with a ‘comprehensive suite of data visualization and analysis capabilities’. Version 4.0 of the AVS/Express enhances these products to include web-enabling features, expanded animation and access to data in Oracle 8 Spatial Data Cartridge and ESRI’s Spatial Data Engine. These features will allow developers and users to perform simultaneous analysis of data in relational databases and spatial data stores. AVS/Express runs on UNIX, Windows 95, NT and Inter/Intranets. Founded in 1988, AVS took over the Danish UNIRAS company and product line in 1993. Revenues for 1997 were $20 million. More from www.avs.com.

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