GeoGraphix Release 98 (August 1998)

Following parent company Landmark GraphicsCorp.'s synchronized releases of the OpenWorks suite, GeoGraphix is now to do likewisewith its own brand Release 98 on CD-ROM.

Release 98 combines GeoGraphix' full suite of products including GES97, Prizm, and SeisVision on a single CD. GeoGraphix' products provide data management, interpretation, and presentation capabilities across the spectrum of disciplines for geologists, geophysicists, engineers, landmen, and petrophysicists. Release 98 is the first GeoGraphix release based on the newly incorporated timed release development cycle. From now on, GeoGraphix are bravely offering "two releases each year on a CD-ROM that includes all of our products". Release 98 includes SeisVision version 4.0, which adds three new powerful interpretation tools: SynView, an interactive planimeter tool, and a 3D Fault View.


The enhanced functionality of SeisVision 4.0 greatly streamlines your seismic interpretation process by bringing synthetic generation and 3D fault correlation into the mainstream seismic interpretation workflow. Using these tightly integrated capabilities, you can quickly validate your interpretations using synthetics generated directly within SeisVision and easily construct fault planes in 3D space from discrete 2D fault segments. Interoperability is enhanced in Release 98 with improved data import capabilities including direct imports from PI/Dwights, ARIES for Windows and DOS, ResEV, plus Merak and Accumap formats. Release 98 also contains PRIZM v.2.5, GeoGraphix' multi-well log analysis system.


Already integrated with GES97, PRIZM now includes multi-well crossplotting granting users another tool for normalization projects. In addition, the presentation of the enhanced deviated borehole handling and true vertical and stratigraphic thickness calculation enables users to improve geologic analysis. Standard and enhanced graphic metafiles may be exported and used in montages created in any compliant Microsoft Windows application. Another integrated product included on Release 98 is WellXchange version 1.0. WellXchange provides a Windows NT-based tool that gives GeoGraphix and Landmark users the capability to seamlessly move well data between GES97 and OpenWorks 4.1. With WellXchange, data is now available to the GeoGraphix or Landmark application that best suits the project requirements. More from

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