Corelab acquires Integra Geoservices, Calgary. (August 1998)

Corelab is to boost its integrated reservoirstudies capacity by combining expertise from Scott Pickford with services from newlyacquired Integra Geoservices Inc.

Scott Pickford, Corelab's UK-based provider of reservoir management services is to acquire Integra Geosciences. Integra provides seismic processing for reservoir characterization including AVO and seismic inversion techniques. The new corporate plan is to couple these with other reservoir description services provided by Core Laboratories. Integra will continue to operate under its own name in Calgary while international expansion of Integra's services will be handled by Scott Pickford. "The acquisition of Integra strengthens Core's abilities to integrate reservoir description and production enhancement technologies that oil companies are using to optimize reservoir performance and hydrocarbon recovery," said Chris Cottam, Managing Director of Scott Pickford.

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