IEDS to offer direct database access over the Web (August 1998)

Integrated Exploration and DevelopmentServices Limited (IEDS) is to offer a a new service whereby clients can log on to the IEDSweb-site and query the E & P database directly.

IEDS, the UK-based E&P scouting service has been delivering its Monthly Activity Report service via the web for over a year now and claims one of the largest Web Sites in the UK and possibly Europe. The new service available to IEDS clients will allow access to an online database covering Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, Asia and Australasia. Users will be able to search the database, make reports, and make maps using either MapInfo or Arc View, with fully functional GIS packages. Such functions will be available from the users desktop, the only requirement will be for Internet access. Nick Robinson, IEDS' Director told PDM "We believe that this will seriously 'raise the stakes' in data delivery. Furthermore, our database is new and it has been compiled from sources in the country of origin of the data".

new data source

"We have also established a reliable network of data providers to supply ongoing updates and it therefore offers a major new source of E & P data for the oil and gas industry". IEDS has already been supplying its monthly activity reports via the world-wide web to clients for 18 months. The Activities Report Service provides coverage for more than 120 countries and includes a monthly report, color maps, well and contract data sheets, page-size location maps, a weekly highlights fax and an annual synopsis. Digital data for concessions, wells and fields is also available.

mightier PeN

The data is supplied in IEDS' proprietary database management software PeNplus. Data can be formatted to link with a variety of mapping packages, spreadsheets and other database managers directly from PeNplus. GIS packages can be used as the front-ends to view the database through IEDS' PeNmap facility. The data service includes regular updates. The IEDS website contains 4.4 Gbytes of information with the equivalent of 350,000 pages of text, and 9,000 plus maps. All the maps and text are fully searchable - with the A0 size maps in full color. The website currently receives an average 40,000 hits per week, from subscribers (excluding visitors and search 'bots!) from 280 oil company client sites. The Web site is platform, operating system and browser independent. The are no Java applets, ActiveX controls or plug-ins required to use the site. All the functions of the Web site are powered by server side CGI scripts which means that corporate firewalls do not have to cope with the security risk of application download.

no push

On the issue of data delivery by push technology Robinson told PDM "We do not intend to use push technology. We do not believe that this is appropriate as most corporate firewalls do not permit this as they regard it as intrusive. However we do intend to implement more online database-type facilities for the end user, such as being able to submit queries rather than having information which they may not require being 'pushed' at them". IEDS has offices in London, Singapore, Houston and Perth. More information from

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