CGG to remaster seismic data for Total (August 1998)

CGG are to perform compaction and remasteringof field seismic data for TOTAL Exploration Production

The preservation of Total's legacy seismic data involves the remastering of 15,000 9-track, 9x4-track and 21-track tapes, in addition to 15,000 3480 cartridges. The project is scheduled to last one year. The data will be recorded on high density cartridges (3590) and will be encapsulated according to the SEG RODE standard. The project also involves scanning and storing related printed documents on CD-ROM. The software used in the project was developed by CGG (GeovecteurPlus) and its subsidiary PECC, a data transcription specialist (MediaManager, ScanManager, RAM and IDS). The agreement with Total is the latest in a "string of contracts" signed this year, notably with Elf Exploration Production in Pau, France, for the Archidex project (over 700,000 tapes). More information from

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