GeoQuest and Guardian Data Form Data Management Services Alliance (August 1998)

GeoQuest and Guardian Data Seismic have signedan agreement designating Guardian Data Seismic as a 'preferred partner' forseismic transcription services to GeoQuest customers.

The alliance between GeoQuest and Guardian Data Seismic will offer technology and services for managing reports, seismic tapes, seismic sections and associated observer logs. The alliance will enhance GeoQuest's seismic data management offering, providing customers with expert teams to recover and transcribe their seismic data onto state-of-the-art media. Such media can then be accessed near-line using GeoQuest's SeisDB seismic trace storage and archival system for a "total data management solution". "The GeoQuest-Guardian Data partnership will provide a solid platform for clients to gain the most effective use of their data sets," said Bryan Robertson, managing director of Guardian Data. "This new partnership will help ensure that GeoQuest client data, regardless of age, will be accurate, accessible and usable."


Initially, services from the alliance will be combined in GeoQuest's Australian Data Center which provides E&P data management outsourcing to Australian oil and gas companies. The center, scheduled to open in August, will manage all E&P data, using modern database technology and approved standards. Guardian Data Seismic, established in Australia in 1984, supplies data recovery, data archiving and data management solutions to E&P companies. The company can transcribe many media types and formats; analogue sheets, 21 track tapes, 9 track tapes, 3480, 3490 and 3490E cartridges, 4mm and 8mm cartridges - as well as high speed/high density media types and formats such as Record Oriented Data Encapsulation (RODE) on DLT, DD2 or IBM 3590.

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