Epicentre interim specifications released (August 1998)

POSC is preparing to release the Version 2.2.1interim release of the Epicentre data model.

The latest specification for the Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation's all-encompassing data model Epicentre is described as an "interim release". This means that a version 2.2 database can be updated in place. It will not be necessary to build and load another database. The release will consist of a set of EntityLoader files that can be run against an existing v2.2 Epicentre database. The EntityLoader file will update the data in the database with the new values. The release will consist of updates to reference data only. There will be no changes to the data model. Nor will there be any changes to the DAE specification. The changes are primarily in the coordinate systems data and reflect the latest version of the coordinate system information. In addition, some new units of measure have been included to support production reporting, and some (mostly typographical) errors corrected. A list of the changes will accompany the release. More from info@posc.org.

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