Petroconsultants rolls out enhanced GIANTs. (August 1998)

Petroconsultants has announced two newreleases of GIANT, its international economics software system.

Version 6.4 of the stand-alone GIANT system now includes a Country File Wizard that "significantly simplifies" the modeling of fiscal systems in any country in the world. Version 1.1 of GIANTXL now allows users to input all technical data in a pre-formatted EXCEL workbook, calculate the after-tax cash flow economics in any country, and receive all of the results back into the same workbook. GIANTXL combines the flexibility of fiscal modeling found in the stand-alone GIANT system with the custom reporting and graphic output found in EXCEL. GIANT, launched in 1985, is currently used by some 100 oil and gas companies, national oil companies and ministries around the world for evaluating and negotiating petroleum contracts based on the after-tax rate of return generated through matching country-specific fiscal regimes and contract terms to field and discovery data and price/production forecasts. More from

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