CGG-PetroSystems offers free trip to AAPG International Conference (August 1998)

The second Stratimagic University Challenge isopen to Universities and Institutes of Geology and Geophysics, at stake is an expense-paidtrip to next year's AAPG International Conference.

Following the successful first Stratimagic University Challenge, CGG-PetroSystems is organizing a second competition. Contestants must carry out a seismic and stratigraphic interpretation project of their choice using CGG-PetroSystems' Stratimagic software. A report is to be written and submitted for evaluation. Each member of the winning team will receive an all-expenses paid trip to the next AAPG international conference. Last year’s first prize winner was a team led by Professor Thierry Jacquin of the University of Paris XI—Orsay for a project integrating data from Mobil and Saga. The team members will attend the AAPG convention in Rio de Janeiro in November with all expenses paid. Students from all universities and technical schools are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. For further information contact: Pierre Bérot-Inard, on +33 1 or email:

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