Oil-Link website makeover announced (August 1998)

Oil-Link, the fast-growing Oil and GasInternet information website has announced a new design for its Oil-Link Internet Hub

Oil-Link now offers users with a more complete Internet "experience" through the addition of daily news headlines, pricing and rig counts to its Main Page. Users can now keep up with industry developments by visiting the Oil-Link Main Page each morning. The new design also incorporates navigational enhancements and a search feature has also been added to every page. According to Oil-Link founder, Kris A. Erlewine, "User reaction to the new site has been very, very positive. The Oil & Gas professionals visiting Oil-Link 30,000 times each month love the new look. They are particularly excited about the daily news and pricing features. Every day, they can launch Oil-Link first thing and see what's happening in the industry. This is the next step in our long-term plan to make Oil-Link the dominant Internet portal for the global Oil & Gas industry." Oil-Link claims to be "the largest Internet directory for Oil & Gas in the world". Currently, Oil-Link has descriptive links to more than 3,200 industry-related websites in 50 different categories. Traffic on the Oil-Link website has grown six-fold over the last 12 months. More from info@oillink.com or visit the website on http://www.oillink.com

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