Unocal chooses PetaSTAR data management solution (August 1998)

Unocal has selected PetaSTAR for corporatemanagement of E&P data. PetaSTAR is a hardware and software turnkey solutionco-developed by Panther Software Corp., Ovation Data Services, Sony, Sun, and LSC Inc.

Panther Software of Calgary has just announced the award of one of the first contracts for the installation of a PetaSTAR system. PetaSTAR, (introduced in PDM Vol. 2 No. 11) is a turnkey solution that combines data management software and high performance data storage technologies into an integrated, scalable solution. Panther is in the process of installing the PetaSTAR data management system into Unocal Corporation's Sugarland Texas office. Unocal selected the PetaSTAR system following detailed scrutiny of the various industry options available for managing large volumes of seismic and other forms of data.

new paradigm

Bruce Sketchley, Panther's VP Sales told PDM "Unocal was one of the first companies to recognize the value of breaking with the traditional approach to data management of using an 'online-vs.-backup' paradigm. Unocal was looking for a solution that would make all their data available to users as though it were online all the time." Sketchley added "PetaSTAR offers a way to control the explosive growth of online disk environments while still providing fast, efficient access to any data on the system." The PetaSTAR system offers nearline mass storage coupled with online disk environments integrated with advanced storage management software to offer a "virtual disk" environment for post-stack SEG-Y, SeisWorks project data and pre-stack seismic files.

workstation data

As part of the ongoing development plans for PetaSTAR Panther Software will be adding the ability to manage, access and load post-stack SEG-Y trace data directly into IES-X and Charisma. PetaSTAR is made up from the following software components

Ovation's GeOasis software, which provides access to well log, map image, text, and other support data

Panther's SMDS software manages the entire work flow - from the data repository to the desktop - providing access to 2D and 3D data stores at the click of a button.

LSC's SAM-FS software, storage management software that provides unlimited storage capacity and optimizes system performance

Top-end servers from Sun Microsystems provides the IT infrastructure and manage the Sony automated tape libraries incorporating high-speed (12 MBytes/sec) 1/2" DTF tape drives, developed specifically for high-performance data storage applications. More information from Bruce Sketchley on 281-296-6155 and

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