Wavelet Compression aids ArcView GIS raster image display (July 1998)

ESRI is to incorporate the viewing component of LizardTech's MrSID raster image compression technology into ArcView GIS.

A new extension interfaces ESRI's ArcView GIS software with LizardTech's patented, wavelet-based compression and display technology, MrSID (Multi-Resolution Seamless Image Database). The MrSID ArcView GIS extension gives users the opportunity to rapidly decompress and view massive raster images within ArcView GIS that have been compressed with MrSID. In addition to the joint development effort for ArcView GIS, both companies have identified strategic areas and customers for further cooperation to adapt and integrate aspects of their respective software technologies. The extension uses MrSID's Selective Decompression feature that allows users to decompress only the imagery required for the current ArcView GIS display at the appropriate resolution, therefore saving space and dramatically increasing speed.

In the army now..

Instantaneous, seamless, multi-resolution browsing capabilities are claimed for virtually any size raster image inside ArcView GIS. ArcView GIS users can now employ this detailed imagery as realistic backdrops using the MrSID ArcView GIS extension. An example of possible compression ratios was supplied by Roger Adams, GIS project manager for the U.S. Army's Integrated Training Area Management Program, "We now require that all imagery be delivered in MrSID format because we can compress data at very high ratios, even as high as 80:1. Recently we compressed over 250 150 MB files (37 GB of imagery) into one single 522 MB file." The actual compression ratio achieved varies depending on image content and color depth but is generally around 15-20:1 for gray scale and 30-50:1 for full color. More from http://www.esri.com.

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