Database connectivity technologies compared. (July 1998)

Student dissertation offers good starting point for database connectivity

An investigation into the interconnectivity of Internet and Database Technologies can be found at These pages offer detailed coverage, with code examples, of HTML + Forms, CGI, ODBC, ISAPI, ActiveX (ADO and Active Server Pages) and other technologies such as IDC (Internet Database Connector), DCOM, Perl, ActiveX Components and Java Applets. Kevin Staunton-Lambert, did this work as part of a final year university dissertation at the University of Huddersfield, UK. To benefit from these pages you should have experience with SQL databases and C++. Background to the project, and an impressive technology overview can be had from the same website, subdirectory /dissertation/dissertation.html. Kevin is a keen advocate of the ActiveX/COM/DCOM which is "the way ahead, particularly with large scale business solutions".

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