Interoperability as seen over the fence. (July 1998)

Have you ever wondered how all those telephone companies make their hardware inter-operate? In the emerging field of voice telephony over the Internet, a pressing need for interoperability between two of the major technology providers has led to a quick-fix solution to what might have become a protracted battle.

Writing in the authoritative "Pulver Report", Jeff Pulver reveals that Lucent and VocalTec will make their Internet voice telephony gateways interoperable by September 1998. Pulver further muses that "The only people who get slightly upset over these kinds of announcements are those involved in standards groups who feel that they should be the ones controlling the protocols they use to conduct their business". Pulver suggests that we should "look for a battle brewing over "Business Standards vs. Standard Standards" in the future. Those interested in Voice on the 'Net can get the Pulver report from

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