Icons for drill-string design from AnTech. (July 1998)

Design and draw presentation qualitydrill-strings using StringView, a program designed specifically for manipulating icons foroilfield use.

StringView, from UK based company AnTech, can be used as a stand-alone product or to create string diagrams from existing databases. Antoni Miszewski, AnTech Ltd Managing Director, studied Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, London. After his first job with BICC in the United Kingdom he joined Schlumberger and spent the next ten years in a variety of overseas assignments. In the four years before starting AnTech, he worked at the Schlumberger Perforating and Testing Center, during which time he was awarded 11 U.S. patents relating to downhole tools. StringView comes complete with all the tools necessary to create and edit icons and libraries to your requirements and comes with a directory of Logos. This can be customised to include client logos. StringView will accept both DXF files and icons for StringView V1.X after conversion through the Iconvert utility Metric or English units. Additionally mixed units can be used through the User option. More from antech@antech.co.uk and http://www.stringview.com.

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