Amerada Hess goes for Mincom's Geolog petrophysical suite. (July 1998)

Amerada Hess Corporation will be deploying Mincom's Geolog software in the UK prior to possible world-wide use.

Amerada Hess has selected Australian developer Mincom's Geolog well log management and interpretation software. Geolog will provide a comprehensive suite of tools to support Hess petrophysicists in the analysis of log data from exploration, development and production assets. A comprehensive set of functional requirements was specified by company petrophysicists including 63 essential and 24 desirable functions. Three products were evaluated, and Geolog came out on top, meeting 62 of the 63 essential and 21 of the 24 desirable criteria. Hess also considered the degree of maturity, level of continued development, and tools for developing interfaces to other products in the business workflows, as key features of the Geolog product.


Brisbane-based Mincom has developed a strong presence in the European market with the Geolog package. In the three years since the UK office was opened, Geolog has become the market leader in the area of wireline log databasing, display and analysis. The software is used by oil companies such as Amoco, BP, Britannia, and Chevron, and service companies such as Roberston Research and Scott Pickford. Reseller agreements have also been struck with CGG-PetroSystems and Smedvig.

Geolog provides a flexible database capable of supporting data management and providing a complete suite of tools for the log analyst. Features include

A multi-zone, multi-well database.

Support for a wide variety of industry standard contractor log formats.

Interactive graphic log display, manipulation and editing.

Petrophysics, Geophysics, cross-plot tools.

Cross-section building and interpretation.

Project management and mapping.

Graphics and image processing.

Links to open product databases.

Constructed around a central database, modules can be plugged in as required. The Geolog environment supports open connectivity allowing exchange of geological and geophysical data with other vendors' products. Connect is a graphical tool for moving binary data between Geolog and OpenWorks databases without the need for intermediate files. In addition to the Connect module, Geolog also provides generic data exchange through a Geoshare half-link. Geolog will initially be installed in Hess' UK subsidiary, with the potential for a wider deployment at a later date. The UK unit is a major element in the Hess group, producing some 126,500 bopd, 62% of the world-wide total. More information from

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